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We highly encourage members to get involved within the STAEP organization.
This is your organization. We are a nonprofit and all the events and initiatives that we undertake are done by volunteers and supported by sponsors. Committees are based on the goals outlined in the STAEP mission statement. If you do not find the committee that you are looking for in the list below please contact the STAEP board of directors about forming a new committee to meet your needs. Your participation helps us to succeed at growing the membership, providing members bigger and better events, giving back to the community, and supporting young professionals.

Membership Networking and Development
Planning and organizing networking events, membership drives, and educational opportunities for local professionals.  Work with other committees to ensure proper communication of opportunities to members.

Community Service
To develop and implement educational, environmental, and vocational service projects that help the South Texas community. 

Pair students and professionals to encourage and guide their decisions to achieve goals.

Create and plan special STAEP events and fundraisers to help raise money for scholarships to be awarded to local students. 

To get involved in a committee please email with your intent.

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